When should I start thinking about landscaping my yard?



The correct answer is waaaay before now. Many people start thinking about yards in February or March just as things start to thaw, but many contractors and designers are booked up for the year at that point. Now that the economy is back on track (we think), development has resumed and there is now more work than contractors can handle. Designers and landscape architects are often booked out as far as well, which can make things some what troublesome for homeowners to realize their goals with their landscapes.

If you are a DIY type, your life will be a bit easier since you can work on your own schedule. However, this can be challenging since your ability to work in your yard revolves around your work and home life. A project that might take a week or two from a contractor may take you months or even years to get finished. This is where having a landscape design will help you bring the yard together on your timetable. Often those who don’t work off a plan end up having yards that don’t have a particular “flow” and even irrigation being planned incorrectly, forcing you to dig up what you have already done and rework it.

A design will save you time and money, especially if you are a DIY person. Book an appointment now with one of our designers.